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6 Advantages of using Projectors for Home Entertainment:

Not to be scientific, but it has been proven that using a projector in your home as opposed to a TV, is actually better for your eye health. It’s easier to see and displays a much clearer image. So, read on to find out about the 6 advantages of using projectors for home entertainment.

Advantage 1: The Screen Size is Customizable

Projectors can operate on any surface, in any part of the house, unlike TV’s. This means that already, a projector is an easier and portable option compared to a TV. In addition to this, the image/videos that the projector displays can be customizes to a size that suits you. For example, if you are using your projector in a smaller room, you can customize the display size to make it smaller and fitting. Any size you make the display is not permanent, which is the beauty of a projector over a set screen size on a TV.

Some projector owners opt for a specially made screen or white wall to display their content on, but you can choose anywhere in your house!

By having the option to customize your screen size, you can:

  • Display onto any surface
  • Easily adjust the screen size
  • Assurance for the future
  • Eliminated the need to buy several sizes of a TV if you’re not happy


Advantage 2: Bigger Images Than What You’re Used To

Projectors have no boarder or limit to how big the image can be displayed, unlike that of a TV. No matter the size of the TV, there will always be a limitation to how big videos and images can be displayed.

Not only are the images bigger, but they are also much clearer and brighter, depending on the projector you have. And, you can move it closer to you or further away from you with ease.

The option to have bigger images means:

  • Customizing image size is quick and easy
  • Cost-per-inch is much lower than a TV
  • Delivers Theatre and Cinema-like experience


 Advantage 3: Eye Comfort

As I mentioned above, projectors are significantly better for your eye health than TVs are. This is down to many factors like the ease of looking at a bigger screen on a projector, as opposed to a small screen that you have to strain to see. When compared to televisions, projectors enjoy the inherent advantage of larger screen sizes. Just as larger letters are easier to read, so too is it easier on the eyes to view a larger screen than a small one.

If you want to get scientific, your eyes feel more comfort watching videos on a projector as opposed to a TV. This is because projectors use reflected light, unlike TVs that use emitted light.

Projectors are better for your eye health because:

  • Projectors reflect light; TVs emit light
  • Reflected light is less straining and more comfortable
  • Projectors produce bigger and clearer images
  • Larger images create easier viewing, less strain


Advantage 4: Compact Size

Size optimization is what drives most manufacturers nowadays. It’s so important that no matter the size of something, that the image is clear and the best it can be for the user. Usually, projector owners choose to mount their projectors on the ceiling to fully maximize the space and have a better displayed image. 

The immense size range that projectors can reach means viewers can enjoy images and videos comfortably and easily. Their interchangeable size options mean that having a projector is far more diverse and ever evolving than having a TV. The fact that projectors can be moved and transported easily too, means that when it is not in use, you can tuck the projector away until its next use.

Having a compact sized projectors means:

  • Easy storage when not in use
  • Maximises space
  • Transportable
  • Aesthetically pleasing look for your home


Advantage 5: Portability

Typically, home projectors tend to be lightweight and easy to move around. This is a massive advantage compared to TV’s considering they aren’t the easiest objects to pick up and move around. If you ever wanted to consider moving your living room around, you’d have to really think about how and where you’re going to move your TV, whereas moving your projector around has never been so easy. You can move your projector to best fit you and your space.

Portability is a huge advantage because:

  • You can transport your projector easily
  • You can move your projector to fit your environment


Advantage 6: Value

Projectors for home entertainment are reasonably priced when you consider all its benefits and practicality compared to TV’s. While it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a TV the same price as a Projector, projection has a better overall value proposition to offer for home entertainment.

The bottom line to getting a projector over a TV:

  • Get the best value out of your home technology
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • Lower cost-per-screen-inch compared to a TV